*The following rules are subject to change due to attendance, time, and conditions.

A new concept for paddle surf competition is here!

8 teams of 3 paddlers in 3 separate categories
Battling to be crowned KEEPER OF THE LIGHTHOUSE

Teams are comprised of 1 HP, 1 IC and 1 Waveski

Proposed rules for the team event:

8 teams of 3 paddlers

Paddlers will accumulate points for his/her team based on their performance in their respective heats.

Two preliminary rounds, each team will surf twice in randomly drawn heats. HP paddlers will surf against HP Paddlers, IC against Ic, and Waveski against Waveski. Prelim heats will be 4 person heats.

Top 4 teams advance to the finals for head to head, 2 person heats to decided the who will win the title
Keeper of the Lighthouse.

There will be 4 rounds of finals, so each team member will surf head to head against each of the 3 other competitors in his/her category.

Teams must have a team name, and a team flag to display on the beach.

The more noise on the beach the better- bring your bells, whistles drums etc… to support your team.

Teams with women paddlers will receive 2 bonus points(each) for the first round. Teams with juniors receive 1 bonus point (each) for the first round. This is to encourage teams to include women and juniors, and promote women and junior surfing.

Finals are every team for themselves, with no bonus points added.

Sign up ASAP on, registration will be up soon. Space is limited to 8 teams. Time permitting, there will be an individual event following the finals.

Major prizes are in the works!

Lets make this fall one to remember